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Corporate Goals & Objectives

Our goals and objectives are straightforward...

Our goals and objectives are straightforward and seek to ensure we run a professional, profitable and ethical company, building relationships with customers, suppliers and investors, driving business at the hotels' and developing the business as a whole.

In summary, we aim to:

  • Operate hotel properties, furnished and equipped to the top of the UK 3 Star classification standards, and maintain them at this level.
  • Build relationships with investors, secure hotel management contracts and successfully manage the hotel investments, underpinning asset values.
  • Further reinforce our position in the market place as a recognised and trusted Hotel Management Company.
  • Achieve levels of profit sufficient to provide for reinvestment and suitable returns to shareholders and investors.
  • Within each hotel operation, provide complete satisfaction to clientele in terms of facilities and service standards, food and beverage and related products, at a fair price.
  • Manage hotels by human resource policies which encourage and reward individual and unified effort and achievement, provide training and personal development opportunities and create a working environment in which staff can feel a real sence of job involve
  • Market the hotels through recognised and trusted Brands (if appropriate), selected agencies and direct marketing initiatives from the hotels, to high standards of ethics and taste.
  • Adopt best commercial practice and ethical standards in dealing with clientele, suppliers of goods and services and other contacts.
  • Seek to comply with all statutory legislation and other external relevant authorities. Define and keep under review Company policy, allowing flexibility for local requirements.

In order to do this we need to understand your business, your goals and objectives and the scope and opportunity of the hotel or hotels you wish us to manage or advise on. We will tailor our services to your needs to ensure the best fit for your businesses. A partnership is a meeting of minds, and this is the very ethos of a service driven company like Compass Hotels.

Hotel Management

12 Good Reasons

With over 30 years experience in the three star hotel sector, both as owner/operators and as a hotel management company, Compass Hotels Ltd have a proven track record of successfully operating hotels.

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Hotel Consultancy

6 Point Plan

Before becoming one of our hotels in Bath, The BEST WESTERN Abbey Hotel had operated successfully for many years, boosted by its prime location in the city centre. However, a quick succession of trading shocks impacted upon the hotel's profitability...

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